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3 things to look for in a great RV resort in Phoenix AZ
March 31, 2022 at 7:00 AM
Happy camper sunset, motorhome by lake and mountains

Few things are more disappointing than driving for hours or days only to arrive at a crowded, dirty RV park that feels more like an airport parking lot than a campground. Finding and booking great RV resorts like Rock Shadows RV Resort in Phoenix can take some practice.

If you’re new to RVing, or just can’t seem to find the hidden gems, here are 3 things to look for in a great RV resort.

Private & Spacious Campsites

The perfect RV campsite is private, spacious, level, and has full hook-ups. A spacious campsite is large enough to accommodate your RV and allow space for all awnings and slide-outs. You’ll want to be able to take full advantage of your RV and a tight campsite may not allow enough space. Many campers prefer to have some designated outdoor space as well, for eating, visiting, or simply sitting and enjoying the great outdoors.

Ample space for your pop-outs and for stretching out isn’t the only thing campers look for in the ultimate RV campsite. Privacy is premium. Having plenty of room between campsites ensures that you’ll have enough outdoor space to enjoy and won’t have neighbors close enough to high-five out the bedroom window. Vegetation such as trees and shrubs make a great privacy barrier, with the bonus of providing some shade.

The perfect RV campsite is also level. A level site allows you to easily park your RV with minimal adjusting and leveling. A concrete pad is ideal unless you have a preference for minimal pavement.

And if the site has full hook-ups, consider that the ultimate hook-up. While most RVers can get by with minimal or no hookups, it’s certainly a luxury to have water, power, sewer, and even cable TV to add that extra level of comfort.

Awesome amenities

This is one area where quality is more important than quantity. RV campers appreciate great amenities, and few things rank higher among RV enthusiasts than clean bathrooms. Add some nice shower facilities and you’ve got a gem. For those who prefer to keep their business to themselves, a great RV campground will have multiple dumpsites for emptying your gray or black tank without having to wait in line.

Not all RV campers are seeking to escape and disconnect, and many remote workers are taking to the open road, making connectivity a highly sought-after amenity. Good Wi-Fi has become a must-have for many RVers, with multiple access points and good bandwidth to support remote work, streaming services, and video-calling with family and friends.

In addition to staying connected to the world, many campers enjoy connecting with other guests. A good RV resort will have a variety of communal spaces and organized activities. From pancake breakfasts to afternoon bingo, ping-pong tournaments to live music, good activities keep campers entertained and coming back.

And don’t overlook leisure amenities like swimming pools, hot tubs, and fire pits. Or conveniences such as an onsite grocery market, pet-friendly areas, or laundry facilities.

Location & Price

The perfect RV resort is in a prime location. Resorts near water seem to be preferable among RV enthusiasts. Ideally a lake or ocean, or at least a river. Waking up to a scenic view, or watching the sunset over the water, are some of the main reasons many people like to RV. And the most sought-after RV locations have the best views.

A prime location has convenient access to hiking and biking trails, and nearby attractions. Many campers enjoy a campground with a variety of nearby activities, while the campground itself remains a peaceful oasis. Proximity to a local restaurant or microbrewery is also a plus. If you plan on exploring a nearby city or town, a link to public transportation is great.

Finally, all of this should come at a fair price. Because every camper’s preferences and budget are different, a “fair price” is subjective. First, decide what’s most important to you—an ocean view, a shower, a pickleball court—then compare prices with other campgrounds in the area that offer similar amenities.

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