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All-Ages Parks Versus Senior RV Parks in Apache Junction, AZ
December 29, 2021 at 10:30 PM
Image of someone living in a senior RV park in Apache Junction, Arizona.

When you’re looking for a place to spend the winter or even a few months in your RV, you might be trying to decide between an all-ages and senior-only park. Age-restricted RV parks are a unique feature of the American Southwest, catering to snowbirds and retirees traveling the country in recreational vehicles. They offer more than just a place to stay, but a community of like-minded individuals who spend the winter months exploring activities, such as hiking, golf, off-roading, and more. Whether it’s your first or fifth winter in Arizona, you might wonder whether an all-ages or senior RV park in Apache Junction is the right fit for you.

All-Ages RV Parks in Apache Junction, Arizona

All-ages RV parks fall into two categories: those designed for vacationing families and couples, and others set up like year-round residences. Vacation parks may feature kids’ playgrounds, arcades, and water parks.

RV parks for year-round residents offer utility hookups and quiet but don’t provide the same community of resorts. If you’re a senior traveling the country during retirement, all-ages RV parks may be fine for a stay for a week or two. For snowbirds who enjoy belonging to a community, meeting new friends, and participating in group activities, a senior RV park in Apache Junction offers the best of both worlds.

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Senior RV Parks in Apache Junction, Arizona

Age-restricted RV parks require those renting spaces to be of a certain age, usually 55+. It ensures that the community is filled with like-minded people with similar interests and lifestyles. All-ages RV parks attract young couples, families, and seniors––which can occasionally create friction during quiet hours, use of amenities, and more.

Affordable Rates

Senior RV parks provide affordable rates, particularly for snowbirds interested in spending the winter in Apache Junction. The more months you reserve a spot or an RV, the better the rates become. Rates for Rock Shadows RV Resort include utilities for anywhere for 30 days to four months or even annual rates for year-round residents.

Senior RV parks are often more affordable than all-ages resorts. We’re here to help Baby Boomers enjoy their retirement, even for those living on a fixed income.

Amenities Designed for Seniors

While water parks and playgrounds are great for when the grandkids are visiting, most seniors don’t use the amenities in all-ages resorts. At Rock Shadows in Apache Junction, we provide amenities designed for our residents based on their preferred activities and feedback.

Some of our most popular activities include:

  • Art classes and art studio
  • Water exercise classes
  • Group outings and potlucks
  • Putting green and driving range

Pursue your lifelong hobbies and interests or discover new passions in life, all with a group of new friends with a similar outlook to you.

Grandparents enjoying the view at the grandsons wedding

Model Homes to Rent or Buy

Rock Shadows offer a variety of options to stay at a senior RV park in Apache Junction, even if you don’t own a recreational vehicle of your own. We provide park models for either rent by the month or year or for purchase for those interested in making Rock Shadows a permanent or annual home.

Our park models feature cathedral ceilings, upgraded finishes, and year-round climate control with central heat and air.

Make your reservation at Rock Shadows RV Resort, a senior RV park in Apache Junction, Arizona.

We’re the premier RV resort for seniors visiting Phoenix, Mesa, and Apache Junction. We’re more than a place to park an RV; we’re a community of vibrant seniors who look forward to seeing each other year after year. When you stay at Rock Shadows, you can expect an affordable place that’s safe, clean, and private. Stay for the mild winter, or make our park your year-round home.

Our team is passionate about helping every resident become a welcome member of our community. Explore rentals that feel like home and community activities that only exist in senior RV parks in Apache Junction, Arizona.