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Why Phoenix-area RV resorts are more than just a place to stay
December 9, 2021 at 7:00 AM
Why Phoenix-area RV resorts are more than just a place to stay

When you’re considering a place to stay in Arizona over the winter and beyond, you’re going to want somewhere that’s welcoming, friendly, safe, and clean. For those who love living a nomadic lifestyle while having the option to put down some roots for a while. At Rock Shadows RV Resort, we’re among a handful of Phoenix-area RV resorts that provide more than your average campground. Continue reading to learn more about why we offer more.

Unique rates

We’ve set our rates to handle long-term residents rather than those who are making an overnight pit stop. We have a pricing schedule that’s built to accommodate residents with rates from one month to five months and 29 days. Monthly residential plans are priced to be a more affordable option than staying at traditional campgrounds, as you get a better nightly rate.

Requires a residency application

When you pull into a campground for the night, you drop some money in the box or pay the park ranger the camping fee then you’re set to go. With an RV resort, you’ll need to fill out a residency application before you can stay. The application includes a non-refundable fee, running a credit report, and an age verification form. Whether you’re here for a month or six, you’re a resident. With the residency application, you get the benefits of features and amenities that come with being a resident rather than passing through.

Rentals available

RV resorts offer more than RV pads. Of course, you can park your RV on one of the available pads that provide the necessary electricity and sewage hookups. If you’re not planning on bringing an RV to town and prefer something with a little more space, take a look at our available park models. Ask about our permanent units available for rent. We offer a variety of floor plans that can fit what you’re looking for in a living space with generous storage.

Appropriate amenities

Many RV resorts offer features and amenities that are curated to fit the needs of long-term residents. While onsite showers and a swimming pool are not uncommon for overnight campers, a calendar loaded with special events and a weekly bingo night are put together to make residents feel more at home. You can make yourself at home at a Phoenix-area RV resort when you take part in community events and put down some roots, even if only for a few months.

Community building

The amenities and activities in RV resorts are meant to build a community. You’ll find a loaded social calendar that encourages residents to mingle with one another at the shuffleboard courts or pursue new hobbies together. Stay active with your friends and neighbors at weekly dances and regular water aerobics classes, or hit the links and play a round of golf with your new friends.

Contact us to book your stay

Campgrounds that aren’t meant to be anything more than a stop along the way to your destination. Phoenix-area RV resorts are designed to be the destination. Get to know more about what we have to offer at Rock Shadows RV Resort today by getting in touch with our staff. You can give us a call at 1-800-521-7096 or send a message using our contact form. We look forward to speaking with you about everything we have available for your new home away from home.

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