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What to know when purchasing RV park models for sale in Apache Junction, AZ
February 3, 2022 at 7:00 AM
What to know when purchasing RV park models for sale in Apache Junction, AZ

When you’re looking for a place to spend your winters in retirement, you probably want to avoid harsh winters and enjoy some warm sunshine. For this reason, Arizona is a popular destination for sunbirds from across the country. At Rock Shadows RV Resort, we can provide you with a landing spot with RV park models for sale in Apache Junction, AZ. For those who have never considered buying an RV park model, we have a few things for you to keep in mind during the process.


You should always consider the cost of a seasonal home. You don’t want to break the bank when you’re buying a second house, especially if you’re not planning on living there for more than a few months out of the year. Fortunately, RV park models don’t often cost nearly as much as your primary home because they’re typically manufactured homes rather than traditional stick-built homes.

When you’re looking at the price of the mobile home, be aware of the square footage you’re paying for. You can easily figure out how much you’re paying per square foot, as the home dimensions are usually included with the listing.

Floor plans

When you’re choosing the home that’s right for you, look at the floor plan itself. Does the layout work for you? Do you have special needs that need the home needs to accommodate? Account for things like the width of a doorway for a walker or the amount of space in the bathroom for accessories like a stool you might need. On a more general note with the layout, look at where you’ll put your appliances and furniture. You want to have room for items that are comfortable without over-crowding the space.

Intended living arrangement

Buying a second home is a big decision. Keep your intended living situation in mind as you shop for RV park models for sale because you don’t want something that’s uncomfortable, regardless of how much time you’re planning to spend there. You’ll dread every day you’re there if the home is too small for what you’re comfortable with, even if it’s only a few months a year.

Not only do you want a home that can accommodate you for a season, but it should also be equipped to handle your general living arrangements. Whether you live alone, with a significant other, or have a pet, you need enough space to fit everyone who will be living with you. Look at floor plans that are designed to provide space for everyone in the home. You’ll also want space to entertain if you enjoy having friends over for games or movies.

Condition of the park

There’s much more than the home itself that you’ll want to think about when buying a home. Look at the RV park itself. Account for the cleanliness of the park and security measures taken to ensure you’ll be in a safe place. RV parks that don’t appear to get attention from a cleaning crew will often be left in disarray and can quickly turn into eyesores. Not only is it unpleasant to live in such a community, but this can also be an indicator that you’re not likely to get help with your home or property when you need it.

Available amenities

RV parks often come with specific features and amenities to provide residents with things to do during their stay. Look at the available amenities of the park to see if they’re things that interest you. At Rock Shadows RV Resort, we offer a full social calendar, a clubhouse equipped with a game room and hobby room, a swimming pool, a driving range, and much more.

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