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What to Look for When Choosing a Snowbird RV Vacation Destination
August 23, 2021 at 5:00 AM

Fed up with the brutal winters the northern states have to endure year after year? Why not travel south for a few months to enjoy some sunshine until things warm up back home? This luxury doesn't have to be as expensive as you might think. If you own an RV, there are plenty of places to settle down south for the entire season. 

Not all RV vacation destinations offer the same value. That's why it's essential to do some research to determine which spot is right for you and your preferences. For your convenience, here are a few things to look for when choosing an RV destination for a truly unforgettable winter vacation. 

Age Appropriate

RV vacation snowbird rental parks are a great place to stay when traveling further south. That is, of course, if they're actually intended for 55+ snowbirds. If you're living somewhere for an entire season, you want to ensure it's designed to accommodate your wants and needs. 

A park that welcomes younger folks may not offer the peaceful atmosphere you're looking for. Thankfully, there are many parks in the southern states that require residents to be at least 55 years old. 

Comfortable Weather

What's the use in traveling south for the winter if the weather is just as unpleasant? Some popular snowbird destinations, such as Florida, can get uncomfortably humid and warm, even during the winter. Florida's humidity, which is due to the state being surrounded by water, is actually the second-highest in the country, after Alaska. 

Arizona, on the other hand, tends to be a bit cooler and less humid. There's also very little rain and tons of sunshine, meaning you can enjoy lots of time outdoors.

Lots of Local Attractions

Your RV park should have lots of fabulous local attractions nearby. These can appeal to a wide variety of interests. Sporty snowbirds may enjoy parks near golf courses, hiking trails, and ATV trails. Nature enthusiasts may want to be near forests, lakes, and rivers, while foodies may want their pick of restaurants. The good news is, there are RV parks out there that are conveniently close to all of the above!

Gorgeous Scenery

There's nothing quite like beautiful scenery and landscapes to make an RV vacation worthwhile. Just imagine being able to look out your windows and see peaks, animals, and eye-catching flora and fauna. That's why you should only look at RV parks that offer natural scenery rather than concrete and chain-link fences. 

For the most fulfilling experience, you can also opt for destinations with more unfamiliar terrain and vegetation than what you're used to. Snowbirds from New York, for example, might be impressed by Arizona's canyons, deserts, and volcanic features. Going somewhere so new will only enhance the experience and make everything feel more adventurous. 

Enjoy Winter at the Stunning Rock Shadows RV Resort

Rock Shadows RV Resort is a 55+ RV vacation snowbird rental resort in Apache Junction. The premier RV vacation provider of Arizona, Rock Shadows RV Resort is unique for the picturesque views, peaceful atmosphere, and private, safe, clean, and affordable parks. Our amazing staff and residents are so welcoming and eager to share all the tips you need to enjoy your winter getaway in Arizona. 

Our highly accommodating and knowledgeable staff would be happy to answer any questions you have about our parks. You can reach out to us at your next convenience by calling 1-800-521-7096, emailing, or completing our inquiry form. We'd love to welcome you to Apache Junction for the season or even an entire year!

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